Friday, 30 January 2015

Blog 3: Microblogging Stories on Twitter

Over the course of a week, post roughly one piece of content a day (5-7 posts total) that revolve around a theme and together tell a story through text, image and video.

To learn more about telling a story visually, check out Unit 3 of the DS106 course.

The images and video do not have to be original, in fact probably shouldn't be unless you have lots of time on your hands. Instead, try to find existing content that supports the story that you want to tell.

Use your blog post to plan the types of posts that you will make as well as to organize them chronologically,

Also, include a link to your twitter feed in your blog somewhere. Do this by going to the Widget page on your Twitter account, creating a new widget with your specifications, then creating a space on your blog to add HTML and JavaScript. Copy and paste the code generated on Twitter into the space on your blog and everything should work fine.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Blog 2: Online Identity Remix

Read the article about the need for a Personal Cyber Infrastructure and the other resources available in Unit 2 of the DS106 course.

Reflect on your own social presence and the ways you engage with others online.

  • Which networks do you access most often?
  • What other options are there? Are there networks less popular than Facebook but nonetheless focused on something you are passionate about? 
  • How would you like to present yourself or your personal brand to the world?

Construct a piece of content (drawing, photo, video, song, vine, illustration, internet meme or anything else) that expresses how you wish to engage and post it to the blog. For ideas check out Assignment Bank or the Daily Create of DS106. Imagine a slightly more complex version of "Describe your life right now in a hash-tag."

Think about other forms of media you could use to express the same idea or build on it in some way.

  • How would the content change? 
  • What would remain the same? 
  • What new markets could you reach with that content on new platforms?

Post a blog entry with the piece of content and a short description. Include a very brief summary of what the piece is about and the primary social network intended along with what sort of audience might enjoy it. Also include a 3 brief ideas for potential remixes for your content. If you want some inspiration check out the Remix Bank.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Blog 1: Social Equity Score

Fill in your own copy of the Social Media Inventory

Be sure to come up with a number on the last page that represents your current Social Equity Score. This is the number of people that you can reach today with your social media presence.

Post the number on your blog and a short reflection that answers some of the following questions:

  • How did you reach the number? Which networks were included, and which numbers did you include?
  • Should some of these numbers be worth more than others? (ie. YouTube subscribers vs. Instagram page views)
  • How could you measure the value of your network connections offline (ie. friends that you trust or colleagues with their own networks)
  • What are some ways that you can increase this number over the next few weeks?