Friday, 30 January 2015

Blog 3: Microblogging Stories on Twitter

Over the course of a week, post roughly one piece of content a day (5-7 posts total) that revolve around a theme and together tell a story through text, image and video.

To learn more about telling a story visually, check out Unit 3 of the DS106 course.

The images and video do not have to be original, in fact probably shouldn't be unless you have lots of time on your hands. Instead, try to find existing content that supports the story that you want to tell.

Use your blog post to plan the types of posts that you will make as well as to organize them chronologically,

Also, include a link to your twitter feed in your blog somewhere. Do this by going to the Widget page on your Twitter account, creating a new widget with your specifications, then creating a space on your blog to add HTML and JavaScript. Copy and paste the code generated on Twitter into the space on your blog and everything should work fine.

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