Friday, 13 February 2015

Blog 5: Target Persona & User Story

Think of the ideal person that you want to be reading your blogs, interacting with your content, commenting on your posts and so on. What kind of person are they? How do they consume other forms of media? Where do they spend their time online and offline?

This is your brand persona, an idealized version of your target audience. It could be potential employers or consumers of your content. Most important they have to be someone. Not a group of people but a specific, imaginary individual that best represents your core audience.

Draw or find a photo of a person that represents your brand persona. Give them a name and be sure their face is visible. Post the face on your blog, and answer the following questions:

  • What is their name?
  • How old are they?
  • What is their favourite (song/book/movie/magazine/food/clothing/etc)?
  • How much money do they have to spend? What do they spend it on?
  • What are their media consumption habits? How do they get their news every day? What sites do they frequent? What sort of conversations do they get into on facebook or twitter? What is their username on twitter, or other handles they use?
  • Anything else that completes the picture of this person as a media minded net citizen interested in your brand

Now that you have this individual, write a user story from the perspective of this persona about how they met you, got excited about your stuff and ended up hiring you or buying your product or otherwise giving you a monetary advantage (showed you off to their network, showcased your stuff on their program, etc.).

Ensure that you have at least 5-7 points in your story that have a measurable outcome. In other words, if this person got your business card, you could measure how many cards you hand out. If they checked out your website, you can measure how many people do that. Each of the 5+ steps this person took to make your life better should be measurable.

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