Friday, 20 February 2015

Blog 7: SWOT Analysis and Lean Canvas

Now it's time to take your brand persona and identify how and where you are going to meet them on their favourite media networks. You also want to create two FURTHER brand personas, that represent your secondary and tertiary audience.

Your PRIMARY audience is the person who will be your instant fan and promoter the moment they meet you.

Your SECONDARY audience is the person who can help you grow after you have established brand presence and can help you expand beyond your core audience.

Your TERTIARY audience will join you after you have established yourself and experienced success in the market.

For EACH persona you must identify them by name, have a sketch or image of their face, and market segmentation data for each of the headings found on the Wikipedia page: geographic, demographic, psychographic, benefits, and cultural.

For EACH persona you must also identify the social network on which you are MOST LIKELY to meet them. There must be 3 different networks identified.

Now that you have 3 personas and 3 markets, perform a SWOT Analysis for each one. This analysis determines the strengths and weaknesses your brand has in meeting that persona on the market, and the opportunities and threats that market has for you as you connect with your target audience.

 This SWOT analysis for each market should not contain more than 1 or 2 key points for each letter. You want to flag for YOURSELF the key issues facing you in this medium, reaching this persona -- so just be sure to focus on the MOST IMPORTANT in each category.

FINALLY, the last thing to do is create a LEAN CANVAS that identifies your unique value proposition, and specifically identifies the problems that each of your personas has in trying to find whatever it is your brand offers.

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